This month, Bob talks about the similarities between the podcast and bacon, how wonderful his home life isn't, why he loves everyone with the exception of #haters, answers your questions from the Patreon community posts, and having sex with robots. He also talks about these songs: WHY AM I CURSED WITH LOVING YOU, CHRISTMAS IS JESUS, TURN THIS PLANE AROUND, CONDITION OF LOVE, GETTING BETTER (LIVING WITHOUT MARIE), WINDMILLIN, MAKING IT UP, RIVER and ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY METHADONE.

Episode 20

Bob talks about trying to be funny all the time vs. not worrying about being funny; the news; being a government building on the outside and an emotional whirlwind on the inside. The songs he discusses this month are: THE BOAT SONG, BOOMERANG, DORIS, CHEESE, HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS, LITTLE BIRD, SPOOKY HOUSES and TAYLOR SWIFT.

Episode 14

Bob Schneider Song Club Podcast #14: Where Bob talks about how much electrical current is flowing in his brain, recording with Patty Griffin and Billy Harvey, feeling hopeless at the airport, why you shouldn't talk about poop in a song, and of course, BEANS! The songs featured on this podcast are, HELPLESSNESS, PENCIL ME IN, CHANGING YOUR MIND, LET EM COME, CLOSE ENOUGH, and once again another album track from his upcoming album, 'Blood And Bones', GOODWILL

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Episode 13

Bob talks about playing table tennis as a teenager, his drinking days, listening to a monk give a talk, and goes on and on about whatever else comes into his head. This month's songs include: CRAZY TRAIN, HAPPY PEOPLE, FOOTBITE, KING OF THE WORLD, THAT'S RIGHT, BOOMBOX, THE LONG ROAD, as well as the original demo for LOST, and the studio version from the upcoming album, Blood and Bones. Enjoy

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Episode 11

In this month's podcast Bob showcases his latest batch of songs, including 'Small Dreams,' 'Hands of a Fool,' and some brand new middle school cheers. He talks about the creative process and rambles on about the Bachelor, his new favorite obsession.

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Episode 7

Songs introduced in Episode 7 include:

  • Crash Lander
  • All the Ladies Love You in New York (original)
  • All the Ladies Love You (new)
  • Your Butt's Too Loud
  • Easy (album track from the upcoming release, Blood and Bones)
  • 40 Dogs
  • Kentucky
  • Supershit
  • Space Sword
  • Pants (feat. The L)
  • Please Ask For Help (feat. The L)
  • The Hulk (feat. The L)

Bob talks Austin City Limits Music Festival, working with Billy Harvey, how 40 Dogs got on the Lovely Creatures album, religion, and interviews his son, Luc (The L).

I Will Find You No Matter What: The Songs of Luc & Bob Schneider is available here

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