Lovely Creatures

Episode 7

Songs introduced in Episode 7 include:

  • Crash Lander
  • All the Ladies Love You in New York (original)
  • All the Ladies Love You (new)
  • Your Butt's Too Loud
  • Easy (album track from the upcoming release, Blood and Bones)
  • 40 Dogs
  • Kentucky
  • Supershit
  • Space Sword
  • Pants (feat. The L)
  • Please Ask For Help (feat. The L)
  • The Hulk (feat. The L)

Bob talks Austin City Limits Music Festival, working with Billy Harvey, how 40 Dogs got on the Lovely Creatures album, religion, and interviews his son, Luc (The L).

I Will Find You No Matter What: The Songs of Luc & Bob Schneider is available here

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