Episode 24

In this podcast bob talks about how he came to be a songwriter and recounts his early days living with his musician/opera singer father as well as talking about the the 8 brand new songs he is posting on Patreon this month: Paper Plane, Once You Feel Nothing, Some Days Are Better Than Others, The Sun's Coming, Everything's Going To Hell (a co-write with John Cusimano), Gong! It's Taco Time, Tryer and his cover of King Kong by Daniel Johnston

Episode 23

Bob answers any questions that piled up during the previous few months as well as fulfills all your past requests, so there are 17 tracks instead of the usual 8. The songs are: Supermarket Superman, Queen UK, Mix It Up, Magic Wand, Swimming In The Sea, Unpromised Land, Ghosts, Bullet And The Gun, The Good Life, Million And One Reasons, Han Solo and Running From The Rain.

Episode 22

Bob Talks about how there are more podcasts than drops of water in the sea, #padcasts, 'Trying to write like Mac Miller' and 'Having the Magic Touch'. The songs featured on this episode are: Face The Sun, Corn Monster, Playing with Lead, Everything Means Nothing To Me Now, Head In The Clouds, The New Year, The Window. You'll Love it.


This month, Bob talks about the similarities between the podcast and bacon, how wonderful his home life isn't, why he loves everyone with the exception of #haters, answers your questions from the Patreon community posts, and having sex with robots. He also talks about these songs: WHY AM I CURSED WITH LOVING YOU, CHRISTMAS IS JESUS, TURN THIS PLANE AROUND, CONDITION OF LOVE, GETTING BETTER (LIVING WITHOUT MARIE), WINDMILLIN, MAKING IT UP, RIVER and ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY METHADONE.

Episode 20

Bob talks about trying to be funny all the time vs. not worrying about being funny; the news; being a government building on the outside and an emotional whirlwind on the inside. The songs he discusses this month are: THE BOAT SONG, BOOMERANG, DORIS, CHEESE, HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS, LITTLE BIRD, SPOOKY HOUSES and TAYLOR SWIFT.

Episode 19

Songs introduced in Episode 19 include:

  • All Out of Love

  • At Night Sometimes

  • Buongiorno Baby I Love You

  • C’mon Baby (alternative version)

  • C’mon Baby (fast remix)

  • C’mon Baby (porno version) 

  • Country Club

  • I Love Love

  • Letting Go

  • More

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Episode 18

Bob presents a special 'on the road in Little Rock, AR' edition and answers all of your questions from the Patreon Community posts, as well as talks about Drake's hair and how to make the songs you write better, and introduces you to these new songs, 'Lemonade Stands,' 'Babies,' 'Wondergirl,' and the original demos of 'Thanks For The Good Times,' 'The Flavors Too Strong,' 'People I've Met,' 'Katie,' 'Love Is Everywhere,' and includes a redux of 'Tumbleweed' in the patented reggae format because he doesn't like reggae...he LOVES it!

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