Clint and Bob talk about Christmas and why Clint doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, make believe or magic, and why he refuses to lie to his daughter like the rest of us. Also, ‘Folks from Alabama’. The start of Bob’s friendship with Scabs co-founder, Adam Temple who turned out to be a hoarder, ‘How smart our wives are and why?’, ‘Why the hell we don’t teach folks how to be in a relationship’ and stuff they like, like, #MyBrilliantFriend on HBO, #Crashing on HBO, #MaryPoppinsRedux.


In this episode Bob and Clint talk about, 'dish rack rights', 'a star is born', 'drinking alone', 'what people get wrong when they make movies about music', 'lenny kravitz’ penis', 'growing up in alabama and not having an accent', 'getting upset at stuff that’s only ‘good’', 'adam sandler’s ‘100% fresh’', 'not worrying about being funny' and 'F-Talk with Becky and Ethel'.

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Bob and Clint talk about ‘Waking up with your dad in a bed covered in vomit’, ‘what it takes to write a good song’, #dads, ‘being scared or ‘low sierra’’, ‘surrendering to death’, ‘what’s it like to be in a plane crash’, ‘living in a house filled with shit-filled toilets’, ‘the deuce’ and other complicated subjects. They also have an email that you can use if you have questions you’d like answered:



Clint & Bob talk about ‘being stressed out’, ‘kids wanting to be adults and adults wanting act like kids’, ‘THE CROOSCH’, ‘having feelings’, ‘one million dollars worth of things vs. 50 dollars worth of things’, ‘sleeping at stranger’s houses on the road vs. our wives’ inability to deal with ambient light’, ‘the princess and the MF pea’, ‘the Dave Matthews Band’, ‘kate bush and the witch i used to date’, ‘Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca’