In spite of the changes that have rocked Austin in recent years, Bob Schneider continues to thrive. 

Dell Hall bow.jpg

In 2015, Bob rolled out the King Kong Suite as a set of 3 EPs

His art has been on exhibit in multiple fine arts galleries

Bass Concert Hall

dm allison [Houston]

Firecat Projects [Chicago]

Flatbed Press

Yard Dog

Take a look at more of his recent collage artwork here.

Art strip 2.jpg

...and he's headlined at all of the following venues on multiple occasions:

Bob Austin Venues 2015.jpg

Bob has self-published three books of poetry, and a "chapbook" with Austin's Awst Press

Poetry books.jpg

and he's continually teamed up with Owen Edgerton & the Alamo Drafthouse to perform live to his music videos and film shorts

Bob continues to maintain an invitation-only song writing club, known as the Song Game, wherein participants are required to submit a new song every week. Those who miss the weekly deadline are removed from the game. Members have included Hayes Carll, Ben Folds, Patty Griffin, Jason Mraz, and a host of others.

The Song Game is in its 14th year and Bob has written over 1500 songs

Check out the full story from NPR

His weekly residency at the Saxon Pub is wrapping its 16th year

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Amazon Album Fall 2016

New Album Coming in 2017

Bob's songs ranked as the top 2 on Spotify's The Sound Of Austin Playlist released in July 2015.