In spite of the cultural and generational shifts that have rocked Austin in recent years, Bob Schneider continues to defy the odds. 

Dell Hall bow.jpg

Over the course of the year, Bob rolled out the King Kong Suite as a set of 3 EPs

His art has been on exhibit in multiple fine arts galleries in 2015

Bass Concert Hall

dm allison [Houston]

Flat Bed Press

Yard Dog

Take a look at more of his recent collage artwork here.

Art strip 2.jpg

...and he's headlined at all of the following venues:

Bob Austin Venues 2015.jpg

He's teamed up with Owen Edgerton & the Alamo Drafthouse to perform live to his music videos and film shorts


And he's performed more than 40 shows annually at the Saxon Pub, going on two decades

Saxon pub.jpg

Bob's songs ranked as the top 2 on Spotify's The Sound Of Austin Playlist released in July 2015.