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New Single: "Lost"


“When I was younger, I had this idea that adults had all the answers and that one day when I was an adult I'd have all the answers as well. At some point I gave up on that idea and came to the conclusion that nothing can ever truly be known. We are lost here in the middle of outer space with nowhere to go and no answers as to why we are here, with death waiting at the end of it for each and every one of us. I know that that sounds like a pretty nihilistic view of things, but that viewpoint has allowed me to imagine that there might be something unexplainable that might be responsible for this experience we are all having. Even though we are lost, there might be something we don't know about that is guiding us and cares for us, and I find a lot of comfort in that idea.” - Bob Schneider

The new single, “Lost,” is out today! Listen to it now on Spotify.