VOTE: AMAs 2016-2017

It's that time of year again! Head over to the Austin Chronicle ballot to cast your votes for the Austin Music Awards.

Band of the Year: Bob Schneider
Musician of the Year: Bob Schneider
Rock: Bob Schneider
None of the Above: The Moonlight Orchestra
Female Vocals: Lex Land
Male Vocals: Bob Schneider
Guitar: Jon Sanchez
Bass: Bruce Hughes
Drums/Percussion: Wayne Salzmann
Keyboards: Oliver Steck
String Players: The Tosca String Quartet
Horn Player: Ephraim Owens
Miscellaneous Instrument: Oliver Steck
Songwriter: Bob Schneider
On-Going Music Residency: Lonelyland @ The Saxon Pub

Balancing Music, Art, & The Creative Process

Monster II

Monster II

"I'm asked occasionally what my advice is to young people starting out in music, and I would give the same advice to artists as well, which is, 'Don't do it!' Unless you have to do it. Unless there's no way not to do it and you're going to do it no matter what. Then my advice is do something that you like, no matter what it is."

Bob's work was recently featured at a one-night pop-up art gallery at Wexel Art Frames, and caught up with him to talk about his creative process. Check it out!