SXSW 2018

SXSW 2018 Banner.png

Bob's got a ton of shows planned for SXSW! If you're in town, make sure to catch one of these killer gigs. No badge needed!

March 12
8:30 PM - Lonelyland - The Saxon Pub:

March 15
3:00 PM - Solo - Hula Hut - Sun Radio Afternoon Session:
8:30 PM - Band -  Threadgill's with The Deer:

March 16
8:30 AM - Solo - Live morning broadcast with KGSR Austin @ The W Austin:
8:30 PM - Band - Threadgill's with Swimming With Bears:

March 17
11 AM - Band - Rachael Ray's Feedback @ Stubb's Austin:
2:30 PM - Solo - Yard Dog Art:
6:30 PM - Band - Nutty Brown Amphitheatre with Mobley & Brian Pounds:

Lake Michigan Music Video Premiere

Lake Michigan Thumbnail.PNG

"1995 was probably the low point of my life,” Schneider says of the time that inspired "Lake Michigan." "It was the last year of my drinking and, even though I didn’t get into any trouble with the law, I would wake up everyday and not know where I was or what I did for most of the night before."

Check out the new music video for "Lake Michigan," premiered today by American Songwriter Magazine: