"Lonesome Dove" by Larry McMurtry

Schneider: A short time ago, my drummer bought me a copy of Lonesome Dove and put it on my bunk on the bus. I have seen the mini-series, and I must admit, it’s probably my favorite made-for-television movie ever, but the thought of reading a Western was not something I was very excited about, so for about six months, it just sat there. Conrad kept asking me if I’d started the book, and maybe just to be nice, I decided to crack it one day, and basically from the first page through the rest of the book and the three subsequent books in the series, I was rocketed into a world unlike any I’d ever encountered before. The western frontier. It is my by far the most fun I’ve ever had reading anything. The characters in these books are mind-bogglingly huge. I was almost on the brink of tears when I finally finished it. I didn’t want it to end.